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Soul King

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he -Proverb 23:7

By Racine Guajardoartist-soul-king-pic-web

Gamar Janvier also known as Soul King, started rhyming at the age of twelve when he was introduced into hip hop in 1985 by his cousin in Flatbush Brooklyn, NY. Soul King was originally born in Montreal Quebec Canada and says, “My upbringing makes me different. I am raised by Haitian parents on the west coast.” He came to America at five years old and was raised in West Los Angeles.

Soul King is prominently known in the underground Hip Hop scene as a member of the Barbershop MCs and now breaking new ground as a solo artist.  In 2000, E-Swift, member of the Alkaholiks, released their critically acclaimed vinyl EP, “The Barber Shop”.  Since then, Soul King as collaborated with Chace Infinite, DJ Khalil, Krondon, Planet Asia, and many others.

Just to name a few people who have been an influence on Soul King; are Rakim, Ice Cube, Nas, and Bob Marley.  As there are many different styles of music, as well as music within music, Soul King talks about his style, saying, “My style is thinker music. Thinker music I describe it as music that is designed to stimulate change through thought. My music is different than conscious music because I am not trying to tell you right from wrong but just awareness.” Today it seems that this generation tends to follow trends, Soul King says, “Provoking my audience to think and not follow mindless trends designed to dumb down the audience.”

We all know there is always room for improvement, so when Soul King was asked what he wanted people to know about him, he said, “I want them to know I am a learner, an emcee, someone who wants to improve my craft every day.” If Soul King could give any advice, he says, “Nothing beats hard work!”

Soul King can be found on multiple social media accounts; Facebook: Soul King Twitter: @SoulKing_SK  and Instagram: @TheSoulkingSK

He will be performing next at The Whiskey, located at 8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 on December 14. You may visit to purchase tickets!

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