Artist Corner

“KEEP believINK ” –Tomas Rodriguez  artist-believink

By Racine Guajardo

Tomas Rodriguez is a 33 year old Mexican who was born in Durango, Mexico. Rodriguez came to California when he was 15 years old. As far as back as Rodriguez can remember he says, “Always been into art of any type, I have been drawing to keep my mind quiet.”

Technology and the Internet have opened the opportunity for people to search just about anything, so Rodriguez says, “I discovered tattooing by accident one day, buying a set up online and tattooing myself. I knew right then that this was my calling on life. And it would be my way to help people with this positive energy.”

As a spiritual person, Rodriguez talks about his influences, saying, “I have had a few spiritual teachers during my life, that help me find myself as a person and as an artist, always wanting to give back.”

Some people may get a tattoo because they think it’s cool or it’s a style that’s popular; however Rodriguez says, “I started a positive movement about tattooing, changing people’s minds about the art and the importance of decorating our bodies with permanent ink. To always believe in the reasons behind the tattoo.”

There are many different styles in tattooing, Rodriguez says, “I concentrate on my realistic black and gray, I believe that’s deep within my roots and honoring my ancestors.”  Also saying, “Just the way I see each and every tattoo I do, putting 100% of my energy and love into the piece, always doing my prayers before each tattoo behind scenes.”

When Rodriguez was asked if he could give advice, he said, “This is the easiest question for me.  DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, it doesn’t matter if people around you think you can’t do it or that it’s not important at all or that you’re not supposed to do this or that. JUST DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.”

Believink Art Studio is located at 401 E. 10th Street Gilroy, CA 95020. Rodriguez also travels all over the states and as well as out of the country for conventions. He will be attending the Golden State Tattoo Expo from January 27th-29th in Pasadena, CA next year.

You can also find him on social media accounts; Instagram: @believink and Facebook: Keep Believink