A message from Superintendent Wayne M. Joseph


The holiday season is the time of year we all take time to pause and count the numerous blessings in our lives. This is never more important than this year in which recent events have underscored the seething anger and frustration of many of our fellow American citizens. The time has come therefore, for us to reflect upon the positive occurrences that have affected us.

For me, it has been heartening to witness, these past twenty three months, the spirit of cooperation throughout the Chino Valley as my team and I met to discuss the facilities needs in our District. This time was especially gratifying in that it reaffirmed how vital and robust our schools are and how they continue to be a top priority for our community.

No matter the outcome and final results of Measure G, let us never doubt or question this community’s commitment to its schools and its children.

I hope that you will have some moments to reflect over this past year as well, and may the magic that is so prevalent this time of year permeate your lives and that of your families.

I wish all of you a very safe and prosperous holiday season.

Wayne M. Joseph, Superintendent