Tips from Deputy Myers

Deputy Myers

Deputy Myers

Dear Deputy Myers:

Holiday time safety reminders…


During the holidays we often travel or spend several hours away from our homes shopping and visiting loved ones. While you are away, keep some simple tips in mind to keep your household safe in your absence. It all starts with the simple stuff such as locking your doors and windows as well as setting your house alarm if you have one. Then there are a few extra things to keep in mind, close blinds or window coverings and keep gifts out of view from windows so as not to entice would be criminals into your home.


While you are enjoying the company of friends and family at your home, there are a few things to remember about unannounced visitors. Criminals can pose as couriers delivering gifts to try and get you to open the door. There are also those that try and prey upon the giving season and go door to door looking for donations for charities that do not actually exist. In this case I have a few suggestions, make sure to ask for identification and find out what the funds will be used for or don’t give to individuals at all. That doesn’t mean don’t give to legitimate charities, by all means please do, but do it on your terms to organizations that you choose on your terms.


Holiday time is also a great opportunity to take the time to inventory your home. Whether you decide to video the items in your home, take photos, or write lists of items with serial numbers; it is a good time to make note of your valuables. This list can be used in the future to amend insurance policies, to make sure everything is covered in the event of a loss, or just to have peace of mind knowing what items you have. We never wish that you become a victim of theft or damage, but it makes recovering items or replacing items much easier if you know what you had to begin with.


Lastly, after all the unwrapping of gifts, we tend to take large item boxes and just shove them in a recycling bin or trash can. This can be a huge flag to criminals letting them know exactly what is now inside your home. Take the extra time to break down boxes completely and place them in garbage bags so they are not easily seen inside your trash bins. Some criminals have been known to check out your garbage to see what you have and then target your home for those items a few days or weeks later. Ultimately, we at the Sheriff’s Department wish you the very best this holiday season and want you to be safe and informed.


Deanna Myers is the Volunteer and Programs Coordinator for the Jurupa Valley Station of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department that services the Eastvale Police Department.  She has been with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for about eight years, and most recently was assigned to patrol within the City of Eastvale before moving into her current position where she is in charge of the Neighborhood Watch program for the City of Eastvale.


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