Luminary Leaders

By Racine Guajardo  ll_logo

Luminary Leaders consults with up and rising speakers to support their branding, public figure and monetizing the work they do. As well as, producing Seminars at Sea LIVE Events with Princess Cruise Lines and also offer an Annual Membership for Speakers on Call.

As the CEO and Founder of Luminary Leaders, Shelly Harrison, is proud to represent thought leaders, speakers and educators to present for business related events, conferences, seminars, retreats, radio- TV and other media outlets across the country. Harrison has 3 years experience as a business owner and 26 years as a Vice President in the banking industry. Therefore, has prepared her immensely for the work she does today. Shelly Harrison is also the Chairman for the Annual Riverside County Women’s Leadership Conference and run her own women’s networking group in the Inland Empire since 2009.

Luminary Leaders places their reputation in the industry to the highest standards of service to clients, affiliates, vendors, and those they serve. Additionally, they value a positive momentum that harnesses collaboration, compassion with other business owners, and their competitors. Providing everything they need in business and work with the 5 key areas; Marketing, Branding & Growth, Finance & Admin., Sales and Operations.

Being selective with who they align their company with is a reflection of their reputation and how critical it is showcasing their core values. Luminary Leaders is a one stop shop and works side by side with each client. The reputable relationships that have been established with several companies, have products and services that have allowed them to refer clients to trusted people with the same values and vision. The speakers are professional business entertainers with educational backgrounds. Some speak pro bono in lieu of their speaking fees if they are permitted to share their products and services.

Luminary Leaders has Seminars at Sea LIVE Events available and can offer $50 off the Seminars at Sea package. Also, Speakers on Call Annual Membership – $50 discount.

Luminary Leaders is a Global Company, Home office located in Riverside, California. They may be reached by calling (909) 519-3712 or visit multiple websites: