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So Cal- Care Plumbing & Restoration is a family owned company who specializes in Copper, PEX re-piping and flood damage restoration. Care Plumbing is owned and operated by two brothers, John Ovsepyan and Mike Ovsepyan. They have been in business for 25 years. They have been successfully holding the California Contractor’s License C36 for 20 years without any disciplinary action or citations from State License Board. Care Plumbing is fully insured and bonded.

The Ovsepyan brothers said, “It all started with our father, who he passed the torch to us. Most of our clients are home owners, who have old water pipes but are leaking from pinholes and damaging their house. We get there, we stop the leak, help them out with restoring the water damage and changing their water pipes to permanently resolve their problem.”

Care Plumbing’s motto is “DO THE JOB RIGHT, DELIVER YOUR 110% AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE REST, SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW YOU”. The Ovsepyan brothers also stated, “We take a lot of pride in what we do. At the end of the project there should be two happy parties – customer, who is 100% satisfied and Care Plumbing & Restoration, who successfully delivered all the promises.”

Care Plumbing treats every job as a special one and gives their personal attention to each and every project. There is no job less important than the other. They give their Unconditional Lifetime warranty for the life of the house.

Care Plumbing’s owners, also give some special advice, saying “You give us a few days and we will give you a plumbing system that will last longer than your house. Your plumbing system is the most important part of your house, but a lot of us take it for granted. We use it every day and we don’t realize how important it is until we find ourselves into a situation where the water is shut off for more than few hours. As important the water is, it’s equally important to maintain the system that delivers the water to your faucets & taps. Unmaintained plumber system could create a disaster that will damage the most important thing in your life – your house. It could cost you many-many times more to fix the damage that it creates than to maintain it on time. The money spent on the re-pipe will increase the value of your property. Unlike cars, electronics, etc. that depreciates their value really fast, re-pipe of your house will increase the value of it for years to come.”

Care Plumbing is currently running a special for 2 bathrooms, raised foundation house complete re-pipe and patch starting at $3,495.

Care Plumbing & Restoration

Glendale address:                         6054 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91202

Glendale office Ph #:                    818-565-0080

Orange County address:              2030 Main St, Suite 1300, PMB 752, Irvine, CA 92614

Orange County Ph #:                    714-202-0033

Toll Free phone number:            888-737-4738

They serve the Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. You may also visit