Walnut City Council Recap

By Natalie Kim 

Walnut – The Walnut Council meeting of December 14 began with several presentations. The first was a presentation for Andy Jin, a Walnut High School student being recognized not only by the city of Walnut, but also the Los Angeles County. Jin began charity work in his freshman year, selling his photographs and donating the profits to those in need, such as the homeless population. As Jin grew and matured, so did his charity work. Jin began to also focus on other important issues, such as conservation. In thanks for his recognition before the Council, Jin presented the Council with a Christmas wreath made purely out of recycled materials.

Pastor Anna Crews Camphouse of the Walnut United Methodist Church was also recognized by the Council. The pastor dedicated her life to service; not purely in the church, but to the rest of the City as well. The Council bade her farewell and wished her good luck on her return to her home state of Alabama. Camphouse praised the City for being a success of diversity and respect for all people.

Finally, the Walnut High School Freshman/Sophomore Volleyball Team was recognized by the Council. The team were League Champions this year, and the Council praised the team for their hard work, dedication, and showcasing the well roundedness of students at Walnut High School.

Following the oral communications, the Council approved the minutes for the October 19 Joint City Council/Planning Commission Workshop; the October 26 City Council meeting; the November 9 City Council meeting; and the November 9 City Council SPecial meeting.

Next, the Council opened a public hearing concerning an urgency ordinance adopting the 2017 Los Angeles County Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes with local amendments and the 2016 California Green Building and existing building codes with local amendments. After hearing the staff report and closing the public hearing, the Council adopted the urgency ordinance. The Council also approved all items on the consent calendar, including a resolution allowing the City of Walnut claims and demands in the amount of $1,433,181.17; a request by Valley Vista Services for a rate adjustment for CPI increase and adoption of organic material recycling rates; a resolution authorizing destruction of records pursuant to resolution No. 01-18; a resolution amending the seasonal part-time salary schedule; a resolution supporting the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Complete Streets policy; the donation of $500 from the Los Angeles County First District Supervisor Solis’ Board of Supervisors Revolving Fund and appropriate the $500 towards the purchase of lunches for seniors at the Walnut Senior Center; award of a bid for the Lemon Creek Park Playground Renovation Project; and the final acceptance of a tract map.

Following individual reports and comments, the Council adjourned to January 11, at 7 p.m. at 21201 La Puente Rd.