A Simple Solution

By Mark Hopper

Pastor Mark Hopper

Pastor Mark Hopper

My son owns a newer Honda Accord.  Over the past few years, the plastic shield that is under the radiator and the front of the car came loose and began to hang down from the car.

I noticed it was hanging down but didn’t know what to do about it.  I was sure it would be expensive to have it repaired at the car dealer.

As more time passed, the plastic guard hung further down from the car until it began to drag on the street.  Sometimes I would hear it scrap on the ground as he pulled in and out of the driveway at our house.

Finally he asked me if I could help him fix this problem. I got down on the pavement and slid under the car.  I noticed that some of the plastic fasteners that held up the shield were missing.

I drove his car to a local auto parts store and asked for their help.  They suggested that I remove one of the remaining fasteners so we would know what kind to purchase.

I was amazed to see how many different fasteners they had available, but we finally found some that matched the one I had removed from his car.

With the new fasteners in hand, I drove back to our house and used them to repair the plastic shield. They fastened it securely to the car frame.  The under-shield was properly restored and the problem was solved!

I was surprised that the solution was that simple.  I expected it would be difficult and expensive.  But it was relatively simple and inexpensive.

I wonder if you have put off dealing with a problem because you thought is would be too difficult or too expensive?  Maybe you have a dripping faucet or a broken sprinkler.  Maybe you have a strained or broken relationship that needs to be mended.

Let me encourage you to not put off dealing with a problem or difficult situation.  Don’t assume it will be to difficult or too expensive to fix.  Take the first step.  Give it a try.  It may be easier and cheaper than you think!


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