Regular Maintenance

By Mark Hopper

Pastor Mark Hopper

Pastor Mark Hopper

I try to make sure that our cars get regular service and maintenance.  I used to change the oil myself but now I take our cars to the dealer or service center for regular oil changes and check ups. Recently, I took one of our cars to the dealer where we purchased it.  When we bought the car over 10 years ago, the dealer offered “life time” oil changes.  They promised to change the oil as long as we owned the car. I doubt that they expected that my wife and I would keep that car for over 10 years.  We keep going back every 5,000 miles and they keep changing the oil and filter.  Pretty nice!

Another reason that I like to take may car to the dealer is that they have nice a writing room and they have coffee and donuts. I often feel that the free donuts are almost as good as the free oil change! After I checked in and found my free donut in the waiting room, I asked another customer if I could share his table while we waited for our cars.  He was glad to make room for me. As I sat down, I noticed that he was reading something that looked familiar. I couldn’t help but ask what he was reading and he confirmed that he was reading his Bible.

In fact, he went on to explain that he read his Bible every day.  It was part of his daily routine.  On that day he was keeping up his routine while he was waiting for his car to be serviced. I was impressed that this stranger was quietly reading a Bible in a noisy waiting room.  Apparently it was a habit that he had started many years ago. I also found this interesting since I had actually preached on this very topic at our church the day before!  This stranger didn’t attend our church and had not heard my sermon, but he was doing exactly what I encouraged our people to do – read your Bible every day.

There are many different programs and apps to help you read through the Bible. I discovered that you can read through the whole Bible in three years if you only read one chapter a day.  It is pretty simple and anyone can do it. We will be starting a new three year cycle at our church next month.  You can find this simple plan our our website.  We will be starting in the Gospel of John on February 1st. Let me encourage you to start reading your Bible on a regular basis in 2017.  Don’t get discouraged if you miss a day from time to time.  Make it a habit in your daily routine.

Find a quiet place to read.  Set aside a few minutes each day.   Some people like to read early in the morning.  Others find it easier to read before bed time.  Find a time and a place that works for you. Maybe you have read the Bible in the past.  I think you will find it refreshing to do it again.  Maybe you have never read the Bible before.  Why not try it for a month or two?  I think you will be surprised and encouraged by what you learn. Just as your cars need regular maintenance and upkeep, so does your heart and mind. Reading the Bible can help maintain your personal and spiritual life, too!


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