Fresh Oranges

By Mark Hopper

When we bought our house in Diamond Bar about 30 years ago, there was a scrawny (sp) little citrus tree in the back yard.mark-hopper-color-2x2The previous owner said that he had planted the tree but it had not produced much fruit.  He had given up on it and was thinking of pulling it out. But, I’m glad that he didn’t.  Thirty years later, we continue to enjoy large, juicy navel oranges from that tree. That little tree has grown and matured over the past three decades.  It produces large, juicy oranges year after year. January is harvest season.  This year we have a bumper crop. The branches are bent low with the weight of these delicious fruit.     I love to go out in our back yard early in the morning and pick a fresh orange for breakfast. I usually slice it into three or four large pieces.  They really are delicious. There is a verse in the Bible that says, “God has shown His kindness to us by giving us rain from heaven and crops in their seasons. He provides us with plenty of of food and fills our  hearts with joy” (Acts 14:17). I’m convinced  that oranges are one of God’s best creations.  And, I’m sure that He intended for us to enjoy them.We are fortunate that we can find plenty of food at our local grocery store.  But, there is something special to see fruit begin as tiny blossoms in the spring that become beautiful, tasty fruit at the end of the year. If you have a citrus or fruit tree in your back yard, I hope you are able to enjoy it.  And, I hope you will give thanks to God who created it for you to enjoy.