Comeback or Collapse?

By Mark Hopper

I realize that some people did not watch the Super Bowl football game recently.  Some prefer basketball or soccer or some other sport.  But according to the TV ratings, millions of people did watch the Super Bowl again this year. If you missed it, you may have heard that the game this year was one of the best.  It was the first time in the history of the Super Bowl that the game was tied at the end of regulation. The game went into overtime for the first time ever.  This was one of the most dramatic and exciting Super Bowl games in its fifty-one year history.

In addition, this year’s Super Bowl included the greatest comeback in history.  The Atlanta Falcons led the game by over 20 points in the third quarter.  But, the New England Patriots came back and tied the game with only seconds left on the clock in regulation. And, the Patriots used a rare two-point play after their final touch down to tie the game and force overtime.  It doesn’t get much better than this if you are a football fan. I have heard a lot of sports fans talking about the remarkable comeback by New England.  Few people thought that the Patriots could pull this off.  Every pass completion was critical.  Every penalty seemed to go their way.  It was amazing to watch.  However, I have also heard other fans say it was the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history.  How could Atlanta let the game slip away?  They had a commanding lead in the third quarter.  Most people thought the Falcons had the game wrapped up. I wonder how the players and coaches feel?  The players on the winning team must be so excited.  The players on the losing team must be so disappointed. I suppose that life is a lot like the Super Bowl.  There are times that we a excited and delighted over a personal success or accomplishment.  And, they are times when we feel discouraged and disappointed over a missed opportunity.

My suggestion is to focus on the positive.  Don’t dwell on your defeats.  Remember your successes.  Atlanta fans certainly have a reason to be disappointed.  They almost won the game.  They were so close. But, they had a remarkable season and won more games than most people expected.  Their quarterback had the best season of his career.  Football fans were surprised that the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl and almost won it!

I hope you can learn to be thankful for the positive things in your life.  Focus on your family and your friends –  your health and your faith.  Every day is a gift from God. We know there will be difficulties and disappointments in life.  Lost jobs and poor health.  But, face those times with hope and faith.  You will be glad you did and others around you will too.


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