More Rain

By Mark Hopper 

Pastor Mark Hopper

Pastor Mark Hopper

You may have noticed that it has been raining a lot this winter.   My wife and I have lived in southern California for almost 30 years and we don’t remember many years like this one. Every time I wash the car, it rains again.  We have decided to not wash the windows at our house until summer.  When will the rain stop? But, there is a silver lining in all these rain clouds.  We are hearing reports that the snow pack is well above average.  We see the hillsides covered with a carpet of green.  The rain has transformed our desert-like environment with lush green vegetation.

I’m glad that I didn’t tear out my lawn last year during the drought.  Our lawn looks very happy and even the weeds are flourishing! I think we all realize that water is a precious commodity and that we need to use it wisely.  Water conservation should be part of our southern California life style. I’m glad that local and state officials are developing new ways to capture and conserve more of our rain water.  It is encouraging to hear that reservoirs are rising again.

Although we tend to complain about the rainy weather, I believe that we should give thanks to God for the abundant rainfall this year.  In the Bible we read, “God has shown His kindness by giving us rain from heaven and crops in their seasons, He provides us with plenty of food and fills our heart with joy” (Acts 14″17).

One of our daughters graduated from high school in the mid-1990’s.  It was a graduation that many remember because it rained on the ceremony.  Graduates were soaked and graduation gowns were ruined.  Parents and family members huddled under umbrellas.The graduation was in June.  There is only a 1% chance of rain in June in southern California.  But in 1995,  the 1% actually happened.  High school graduation in the rain!  It is one we will never forget. I don’t know what the local schools have planned for graduation this year.  But, they may want to consider looking for an indoor venue.  If this keeps up, it may still be raining in June!



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