Harada Heritage Park Served Its Purpose !

By Tiana Goegebuer harada-park

After having been famously stuck in a 6-year drought, a series of powerful winter storms has brought some much-needed rainfall to Southern California. According to the L.A. Times, since the beginning of October, Los Angeles has received more than 13 inches of rain. This amount is 216% of the normal rainfall of this time of year, which the National Weather Service states is 6.26 inches.

Eastvale has experienced its fair share of rain over the course of the last few weeks as well. On Sunday, January 22nd, the rain poured down for a period of at least 5 hours straight before lightening to a drizzle. Due to the unusual amount of water suddenly found in the city, Eastvale’s own Harada Heritage Park found itself almost completely under water.

The 32-acre park in Eastvale doubles as a storm basin in the event of excessive rainfall, just like that which was experienced on the 22nd. Harada serves as a place for the rain that falls on many streets to drain in the attempt to avoid flooding on the roads. The basin portion of the park—normally home to recreational sports and the Concerts in the Park during the summer—captures the water and later drains out after the flooding has ceased. The collected runoff will either percolate into the ground or flow into the surrounding storm drains. This system helps to create a safer environment for the homes in our community, and serves to control the flooding in the streets.

On the 22nd of January at approximately 7 p.m., Harada Heritage Park was filled to the brim with rainwater, to the point that it was nearly reaching the parking lot at the top of the stairs. The following morning, the water level had dramatically receded in spite of the continuous rainfall. A few days after that, the water had completely drained. Thanks to Eastvales great planning system our multi-purpose park returned back to normal just as quickly as it became a temporary “Lake”. It is once again ready for our amazing Community Sports and Music!


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