Money Back Guarantee

By Ed Moreno 

Pastor Ed Moreno

Pastor Ed Moreno

In Malachi 3:10a God says to his people: “Bring the full tithe to the Temple treasury so there will be ample provisions in my Temple.” (Message Translation)

What this text is telling us is that God’s people are to bring their tithe to the place of worship because the tithe is the primary means by which the work and ministry of the Lord’s Temple/Church is to be financed.  This is also the primary means by which God wants his ministers to be financially supported. (See Numbers 18:21)

There have been those in recent years who have tried to argue that the tithe was for God’s Old Testament people but that it’s not something Christians are required to do.  That statement lacks logical, biblical, and historical support.  And those who make such statements rob themselves of God’s blessing, and they’ll rob you of God’s blessing if you listen to them.  So don’t!

The promise of God, to those who bring him the full tithe (10% of all God enables and allows you to earn and gain) is that he will cause abundance to just flow to your life, and that he will keep your financial base from being “chewed up.” (See Proverbs 3:9, 10; Malachi 3:10, 11)

Every year at New Day I share real life concrete stories of how God has fulfilled this promise, in completely unexpected ways, in my life during the preceding year.  And I share the real life stories of how God kept his promise in the lives of New Day family members who have chosen to trust God and bring the full tithe to the place of worship to underwrite God’s eternal purposes in the world in and through his church.

And every year for 20 years I have told the people at New Day and at the first church the Lord enabled me to plant, that if they give the full 10% for three consecutive months and they do not experience God blessing in some significant and unexpected way – I tell them that we’ll give them their money back!

Many have taken me up on this “money back guarantee,” but no one in over twenty-years has ever asked for their money back.  Why?  Because God keeps his promise.

Are you bringing God the full tithe at the church where you worship?  If not, you are robbing yourself of the abundance that God wants to cause to just flow to your life.  Bring God the full tithe!  You’ll be glad you did.



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