A Rabbit or A Rat?

Wkly - Hopper.jpgBy Pastor Mark Hopper

Our grandchildren love to have a Tea party at Grammie’s house.  They have a special set of Tea cups that depict the story of Peter Rabbit.  These young grandkids know the story by heart but they love to hear it again and again.

The story of Peter Rabbit is probably familiar to many of you.  When Peter’s mother goes in to town, she tells Peter and his brothers and sisters to not get into mischief.  She specifically warns them to not go into Mr. McGregor’s garden.

But, Peter does not obey his mother.  He goes to Mr. McGregor’s garden and can’t find his way out.  Mr. McGregor chases Peter with a shovel and a rake around the garden.  Peter tries to hide as Mr. McGregor searches to find him.  What will happen toPeter?

Recently, we had a similar story at our house.  One evening while my wife and I were watching TV we heard noises in our garage.

A plastic container was knocked over and a rake in the corner had fallen down.

We knew there was something alive in the garage, but we were not sure what it was.  The next morning we saw droppings on the garage floor and a puddle of urine, too.  We began to wonder – was it a rabbit or a rat?  Who was making all that noise and leaving all that mess in our garage?

We continued to hear noises again the next night, but we could not see anything.  When I arrived home after work the next day,   I finally found the answer.  As I pulled into the driveway and the garage door rolled up, I saw a large bunny rabbit in our garage starring at me!  I looked at him and he looked right back at me!

But, instead of running out the open door, he ran back behind some boxes and storage tubs in the back of our garage.  Bummer!  What should we do with this unwanted guest?

At first I thought I would just go into the house and leave the garage door open hoping he would make his escape.  But, then I realized I wouldn’t know if he really left or if he was still hiding in the garage.

I decided to take action.  I opened both the garage door and the side door that led out into the back yard.  I wanted to provide as many escape routes as possible.  Then I began removing the boxes and storage containers from the back of the garage.  I could hear the rabbit trying to hide and conceal himself.

Then I used a broom handle to gently coax this furry critter out of the corner and out one of the doors.  It was more difficult than I expected.  He dashed from one hiding place to another.  Either he didn’t want to leave or he couldn’t figure out which way to go.  He was a lot like Peter Rabbit!

Finally, the rabbit made a dash for the side door.  He was gone in a flash!  My efforts had succeeded.  The invader had been defeated!  My wife was impressed with my courage and skill as I dealt with this furry adversary.  I guess I was a lot like Mr. McGregor!

My wife and I were both relieved that it was a rabbit and not a rat.  We were thankful that we were able to get him out of our garage and thankful that he was not hurt.  Now we need to figure out a way to get him out of our back yard and back to where he belongs.  His mother is probably worried about him!

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