Gas Prices Are Dropping In Diamond Bar

By Marissa Mitchell

Diamond Bar – Gas prices have dropped for the 11th consecutive day in the San Gabriel Valley, according to AAA.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County gas prices dropped another half-cent to $3.036. This is following a nine-day consistent decrease in prices, adding to 2.7 cents.

While the average price per gallon is 2.4 cents less than a week ago, it is in fact 4.9 cents more than just one month ago, and a whopping 24.7 cents higher than a year ago, quotes AAA and Oil Information Service.

In Orange County, the cost of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline decreased for the 11th consecutive day Wednesday. This decreases regular gasoline another half-cent, to $3.019.

Orange County reflects a similar gas price pattern to that of Diamond Bar. Gas prices in Orange have dropped 3.8 cents over the last 11 days, which is 2.5 cents less than a week ago. Yet, still, the same gallon of gasoline is approximately 2.8 more than a month ago in Orange, and another 24.5 cents higher than one year ago.

So the new figures beg the question: are gas prices getting better, or are they getting worse?

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