The Clock On The Kitchen Wall

By Mark Hopper

We have clocks all over our house.  There are clocks in the bedrooms and in the living room.  There are also digital displays that show the time on our cable box and kitchen applicances.  Everyone who has a smart phone not only has a clock but also a calendar!

In our house, there is a clock on the kitchen wall.  It is simple and helpful.  It is round with a white trim and black numbers.  It even has a “second hand” if you remember what that is.

I can’t tell you haw many times a day I look at that kitchen clock.  When I am walking in from the garage, I usually look at the clock.  When I am eating my lunch or grabbing a snack, I look at that clock.  When I am rushing out the door to a meeting or appointment, I glance at that clock to see how late I am.

I love that clock.  I know it is old fashion and that there are many other places in our house where I can find out what time it is, but I find myself frequently looking across the room at that old, plastic clock in the kitchen.

Recently the unthinkable happened.  The clock in the kitchen stopped working.  The hands on the clock were not moving.  The “second hand” was not moving.  It was like time stood still.

The obvious solution was to replace the AA battery.  I used several old batteries that I found in a kitchen drawer, but they did not help.  I assumed that they were too old and probably had no battery life in them.

So, I went to the store and bought a new pack of AA batteries.  I knew this would fix the problem.  When I put in a fresh AA battery I was surprised to see that it was still not working.  Bummer!  Could it be that the new batteries that I just bought were not good?  I realized that was unlikely.  The logical conclusion was that our faithful kitchen clock was dead.

Our faithful friend was gone.  Every time I looked at the kitchen wall, I was reminded that the clock was gone.  I laughed at myself for how many times a day I looked in that direction wondering what time it was.  I didn’t think to look at the kitchen appliances.  I just kept glancing over looking for that old clock.

Today, we purchased a new clock for our kitchen.  The blank space on the wall is filled with a new clock.  It looks just like the old one and it cost less than five dollars (battery non included)!

Now I can look over my shoulder and find out what time it is.  There is something comforting having a clock on the wall.  I don’t need to buy a watch.  I don’t need to look at my smart phone.  My faithful friend on the wall always has the correct time.  And, if the power goes out at our house, that kitchen clock will keep on ticking.

March is daylight savings month. It is time to “spring ahead” one hour. This would be a perfect time to buy a clock for your kitchen, too.

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