Teen Recovering Well After Heart Transplant

By Marissa Mitchell


Chino – Sophomore Alexis Anderson of Chino Hills High is recovering remarkably well since her heart transplant earlier this month.10

At age 15, she suffered an episode of cardiac arrest from a heart condition developed during adolescence. Prior to receiving an appropriate heart donor, she had spent over a month in the ICU, mostly unconscious and entirely immobile. Her cardiac arrest placed her at emergency-level status of need of a heart.

The surgery performed on March 6th lasted 12 hours. According to her father, Todd Anderson, “Alexis has been recovering very well since her transplant.” Her body has not rejected the new heart in any way, and her vitals are stable. He added, “In my opinion she has been improving at a faster rate than expected.”

Earlier in February, her struggle received a good deal of media attention when her classmate LaMelo Ball scored an impressive 92 points in a Chino Hills High basketball game, and he subsequently dedicated the outcome of the game entirely to her.

“Her biggest obstacles now are in the rehabilitation process,” stated Todd Anderson. “She will continue to improve, but it will be a long journey.” Now that Lexi can stand and walk (with assistance), and that her vocal cords are healing with her voice, Lexi is truly demonstrating her resilience.

Since her hospitalization, Christian organization Agape Miracles has set up a GoFundMe account to fundraise for medical costs on the family’s behalf. There were many factors going into “finding” Lexi a heart, but most are as mysterious as (right now) are the details of the organ donor.

The family first found Alexis nonresponsive on February 3 of this year. Her parents then performed CPR until the paramedics could take over the situation. She was successfully revived and transported to the emergency room, and put on a transplant list. She was given priority 1-A status on the heart transplant list: emergency status. While waiting, she was kept alive by a VAD, also known as a ventricular assist device. She had emergency surgery Feb. 7, just prior to LaMelo Ball’s 92-point game. She then received a heart.

Throughout this ordeal, the Andersons sought spiritual assistance through prayer. They actively attribute Lexi’s recovery to God. Even now, Lexi has a wonderful spirit about her. As her father stated, “There will be many challenges ahead, but we are confident that God will continue to provide for Lexi through each and every obstacle.”


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