Changing Times

By Pastor Mark Hopper

My grandmother was born in Boone, Iowa in 1896.  She died in 1978. She taught in a one-roomed country school house. Life sounded pretty simple in those days.

During her life time, she witnessed many changes.  She remembered seeing her first automobile.  She remembered electricity coming to her small farming community.

She remembered seeing her first airplane.  She remembered the invention of the radio and television.  There were so many advances in technology and science in her lifetime.

I’m sure she remembered the news of the first atomic bomb.  She lived through the days of the First and Second World Wars.  She would have known about the wars in Korea and Vietnam Nam.  All of these occurred in her lifetime.

And, I know she witnessed the space program from the launching of the first satellites to the landing of men on the moon in 1969.  Who could have imagined the changes during her life from the horse and buggie to a man on the moon?

The same could be said of our lifetime.  Who could have imagined all of the changes and advances in communication, travel and technology in our life time?

I remember my family getting our first TV in the 1950’s.  It was a small “black & white” TV with large “rabbit ears” for an antenna and a very limited number of channels to choose from.  Today, we have a flat screen TV with an unlimited number of cable channels to watch.  And, now you can live stream TV shows on your computer too.

Transportation has changed as well.  I wish I still had my first car.  I bought a used, two-door 1957 Chevy when I was sixteen years old…It was a gas guzzler with a four barrel carburetor.  Today, fuel injection has replaced the carburetor and many people are driving electric automobiles that can self-park!

I remember going to the airport to see propeller-driven planes.  The first jet passenger planes arrived in the 1960’s.  Now, modern jet airplanes can carry over 500 passengers from one continent to another.

The most amazing advances have been in communication.  When I was young, we had a telephone “party line” where four different homes shared one phone line.  It was a big deal when we could finally get our own private phone line.  Today, many people have abandoned a landline and simply use their cell phones.

Computers have changed our world.  In the 1940’s only the military had computers.  Later, large businesses began to use them.  By the 1980’s people could own a personal computer.  Today, we carry computers around with us and call them “smart phones”!

I wonder what changes are ahead for our children and grandchildren?  What advances will they see in travel and technology?  What new devices will improve their ability to communicate?  Only time will tell.

In the midst of all these changes, it is helpful to remember that God does not change.  The Bible speaks of His unchanging nature and attributes.  The Bible reveals God’s limitless power and knowledge.  He remains our firm foundation in a rapidly changing world.

Let me encourage you to dust off your Bible and read about God’s steadfast love and endless power.  Psalm 145 reflects on God’s power and majesty.  Take time to read and remember the One who made this amazing world we live in.


Pastor Mark Hopper

Efree Church of Diamond Bar

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