Looks Can Be Deceiving

By Mark Hopper


My wife and I have been to a number of different countries around the world.  Recently, we were in Central Europe.  It is beautiful.  The mountains are snow capped and the hillsides are lush and green.

Many of the buildings are hundreds of years old, especially in the older established parts of major cities.  Many of these buildings have been repaired and restored.  They look impressive and distinguished.

But, when you get up close, it is surprising to see that some paint or plaster has deteriorated.  It is surprising to find red clay bricks beneath the exterior facade. It is amazing to discover that many beautiful buildings, palaces and cathedrals are built with small, red, clay bricks! The craftsmen and engineers certainly did wonderful work.  But, hidden beneath the exterior beauty of these buildings are thousands of clay bricks cemented together. Looks can be deceiving!

There are passages in the Bible that instruct us to not base our opinion of other people simply on their exterior characteristics.  James warns us to not treat a person differently because of the new or older clothing they wear.  The Prophet Samuel was also warned to not draw conclusions based on a person’s size, strength or physical ability.

The Bible says that man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart.  I wonder how often you and I are guilty of doing the opposite?  Do we form an opinion of a person by the clothes they wear or the color of their skin or by the kind of car they drive? I wonder if we disregard an older person because of the color of their gray hair or the number of wrinkles on their face? I wonder if we overlook a teen or young adult because of the clothes they wear and the way they talk?

Let me encourage you to not draw conclusions or form opinions of others because of their external characteristics.  We call this “prejudice”.  It means to pre-judge someone before you really get to know them. Let me encourage you to really get to know people.  Learn what is on the inside.  Listen to their words and opinions.  Observe their actions and see how they treat other people.  Look for the hidden qualities of their heart.  They will be glad you did and you will too!


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