Getting The Kids To School

By Pastor Mark Hopper

I have often said that no one works harder that a mother with young children.  These remarkable women get kids up and fed and dressed.  They get them fed again, bathed and back to bed again.  Mothers rarely get a break from their busy routine. An old word of wisdom says, “A mother’s work is never done, from dawn to the setting of the sun”.  I believe that is still true today.

On a recent trip to visit some of our grandchildren, my wife and I got to observe the busy life of two mothers with young children.  Now, both of these daughters have wonderful husbands who help a lot with the kids.  But, these mothers with young kids are very busy. When the kids were very  young, most of the day was focused on feeding, bathing, dressing, and playing.  Now that the kids are older, school has become a major component in their daily routine.  School activities and homework assignments add additional pressure to the daily schedule.

But, the moment of truth every day is getting the children ready for school. Since school has an official start time, the kids have to be ready on time.  That can be a challenge.With multiple kids in each house, there are multiple personalities and different priorities.  Some kids are ready to get up and get going at the start of the new day.  But other kids are sleepers and don’t seem to want to wake up. Some kids are low maintenance.  They can get up, get dressed and get their own breakfast.  But other kids are slow starters who seem to want help each step of the way.

Some of the kids are waiting at the door, ready to get in the car and get going.  Others seem to be in slow motion and can’t find the essentials like a matching pair of shoes or their school back pack. Pressure builds as the clock winds down and kids are getting into the car.  Questions are asked like, “Do we have everybody?  Do each of you have your backpack and lunch?  Did you remember to bring your permission slip for the field trip?” Mothers all over the neighborhood “start their engines” and race off to school again.  This daily ritual is amaing to observe.  These remarkable mothers get the job done and the kids to school on time every day.  It is a miracle that no child is left behind and that mothers and kids maintain their sanity day after day, week after week throughout the school year.

There is a wonderful passage in the Bible in Proverbs chapter 31 that describes a wife and mother who cares for her family.  One verse says, “Her children stand up and call her blessed.  Her husband also rises up and he praises her.  He says, many women do excellent things, but you are better than all the rest”.(31:28-29)

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Let me encourage you to find a card and buy a thoughtful gift that will communicate your love and appreciation for your own mother and the mother of your children.  Mother’s Day is a perfect time to say thanks to these amazing women.  They will be glad you did and you will too.

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