“Protect Chino” Launches Prop H Campaign

By Marissa Mitchell

Chino, CA – There is a grass-roots group – “Protect Chino No on H” – campaigning against a large housing development that will be built if passed on special ballot July 11. Developer D.R. Horton plans to build 180 homes in north Chino if the special election ballot passes.

There is vehement opposition to this ballot in and around the surrounding neighborhoods. If approved, the measure stipulates that 20 acres of rural land south of Francis Avenue would be rezoned. In place of rural space will be 12 single-family homes, 87 detached single-family homes, and 73 condos.

May 20 there will be a community meeting scheduled for 4 p.m. at Wolfinbarger landscape store, 5675 Francis Avenue, in Chino, for those opposing Measure H.

In response to this group, property owners of the rural land have organized a committee called “Support Chino Jobs and Schools, Yes, on Measure H.”

Currently, 30 acres of parceled land north of Cinemark Movies in Chino is zoned for one house per acre, possessing the grazing land and 8 single-family houses. In a Chino City Council meeting in April, the council voted 4-1 to place Measure H on the ballot for citywide election.

Chairman of “No on H” Ed Layaye stated, “The neighborhood is very concerned about this project, “We’re meeting weekly and figuring out how to compete with a multi-billion dollar corporation like D.R. Horton.”

Former mayor Larry Walker is the group treasurer and wrote the argument opposing Measure H, stating, “I’ve become aware of a dramatic number of developments cooking in Chino and it seems like every one is a violation of the general plan,” he said. “I told the people 40 years ago the general plan should be the guide for the development of Chino.”

The property owners of the rural land are long-time Chino residents, and state that this development is a benefit for the city. Matt Evans and father-in-law Ron Brewer, stated that more than 600 Chino residents have expressed support for the project.

Evans declared, “   “Ron Brewer and I believe that Measure H will be a positive step forward for our entire community. It will enable young Chino residents the opportunity to raise their families here and offers new home ownership in an affordable part of the city.”

Other owners echo this sentiment, saying that this development will lure more potential residents to Chino, thus bringing in more economical revenue to be used municipally.

Special ballot is to occur on July 11 of this year.

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