Two Fun and Cheap Activities for Your Family This Summer!

By Chandler Holloway

Summer is officially here, which means kids across the US will be celebrating these three months of no school! There is plenty of time the young’uns have to explore the great outdoors and have an endless amount of fun under the sun! Actually, that might not be the case. reached out to the YMCA Family Health Snapshot, and they found that most kids spend 30% more time inside watching a screen than when they do while they are in school. All this extra time lounging around the house can result in unwanted weight gain and overall unhealthy habits. Instead of allowing summer to be a time of lazy lounging, here are two, cost-friendly activities, that you can allow your children to participate in!


Number 1: Public Pools!


Most communities have a nearby public pool that anyone can visit for little to no price. Public pools are a great way for your family to have a little bit of fun together, plus they encourage your kids to be social and make new friends. If you are looking for a quick one to two-hour play time, a public pool is a great option!


Number 2: Volunteer Work!

Volunteer opportunities are a great way for your family to not only get active during summer, but also have some much needed family bonding time. This could be anything, from volunteering to help clean up a local highway, or helping at your local dog shelter. Whatever it is, volunteer work is a great way to get the kids active, and exemplify how they can give back to their community.

If these activities do not cut it for the little ones, you can always check out your community newspaper for fun, cost-friendly activities happening around you.

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