Early In The Morning

Pastor Mark Hopper

By Mark Hopper

Recently my wife and I were in Arizona visiting some family members. As usual, I found myself helping with another home improvement project.

Every project seems to start at a local Home Improvement center like Home Depot. The closest one to us opened at 5:30 in the morning. I was surprised at how many people were already there that early in the day.

The parking lot was filled with pick-up trucks. Many were pulling trailers filled with tools, equipment and materials for another day’s work. Home Depot was a busy place.

I was impressed by the people that I saw. These were hard working people. Most were wearing jeans and work shirts that had paint and stains on them. Their hands and arms looked strong and sturdy.

I was also impressed by the spirit of these working people, too. There was laughter in their conversation. People greeted one another. Many seemed to know one another. There were smiles as people acknowledged fellow workers.

At the same time, there was a sense of urgency. They were there to pick up materials that were needed for the day’s work ahead. People were not loitering around. They were ready to get what the needed and get to the job site. No time for a long conversation. It was time to get to work.

I envy the skills and abilities for these hard working people. There were painters and carpenters. I saw men loading cement blocks and sheets of plywood with their bare hands. Others had filled their truck or trailer with bags of garden soil, bushes and trees ready for planting. There were a couple of plumbers, too. These were experienced, skilled working people.

As I finished shopping for the items I needed for my home improvement project, I couldn’t help but smile. I was ready to set out on a project, too. It was an honor to be among these gifted workers.

There is a verse in the Bible that is a helpful reminder for all of us who work with our hands and our minds. “Do your work with all your heart, as if you were doing it for the Lord and not just men” (Ephesians 6:7). Whatever our profession, we should strive to do our jobs well – not just to please others, but to please God.

Let me encourage you to do your work well. Be a good employee. Do all you can to encourage your co-workers, too. And, if you employ workers at your home or business, I hope you will express your appreciation to them too. Say “thanks” to the hard working people around you this week.
You will be glad you did and they will too!