A Bird In The Hand

By Mark Hopper


There is a familiar saying that says, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.  Basically it means that it is better to hold on to something you already have than to risk losing it by trying to get something more. I have come up with a better slogan, “A bird in the house is worse than two in the bush”.  During the past few months several birds have built nests in the rafters of our patio.  We enjoy watching the progress of nest building and the birth of new baby birds.  However, we don’t enjoy the mess that they make and leave behind.

One day we were surprised to see a new nest on top to the porch light next to our patio sliding door.  How did that happen?  The mother bird has been faithfully sitting on the nest.  But every time someone opens the patio door, she is frightened and quickly flies away. Recently, someone went out to the patio for a moment and forgot to close the door.  As usual the mother bird was started and quickly took flight.  But, instead of flying away, she flew into our house!  Suddenly we had an unexpected visitor.  The bird was frightened and confused.  We were also frightened and concerned.  What are we going to do with a wild bird in our house?  How do you get an uninvited guest to leave? Family members quickly sprang into action.  The grandkids opened the front door and the other two sliding doors in the house hoping the bird would use one of these safe exits.  One of the adults starting waving their hands trying to persuade the bird out of the house. Another adult grabbed a small blanket and held it up to try to block the bird from going further into the house.  To our surprise, the bird landed on the blanket and seemed to calm down.  Then the adult slowly walked toward an open door and gave the blanket a gentle shake and the bird flew away. Success!

I suspect most of you have had an unexpected guest in your house, too.  One time we had a skunk in our house.  You may have had a mouse, lizard, snake or other non-domesticated creature, too. I think most of these critters prefer the outdoors instead of indoor your house.  It can be a challenge keeping them out and it can be exciting getting them out when they find their way into your home. Jesus told his followers that our Heavenly Father knows how many hairs each of us has on our head and He knows when every Sparrow falls.  Since He knows every detail of our lives, I’m sure He knows when a bird finds its way into our house, too!   I’m not sure which is better –  the bird in the hand verses two birds in the bush.  But, I am certain that a bird in the house is worse than two birds in the bush.

Pastor Mark Hopper
Efree Church of Diamond Bar
3255 South Diamond Bar Blvd
Sunday Services: 9:00 & 10:45 AM

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