Looks Like It’s A NO on Measure H

Chino – Chino has spoken and their voice was heard. NO on H won, so this means there will be no zone changes for the proposed property and general plan.
Yesterday, Tuesday, July 11, a special election was held for the city of Chino registered voters to vote on Measure H, which would have amended the general plan the Chino Municipal Code. But it did not pass so no amendment will happen.
The Special Election was held to submit Measure H to voters within the City of Chino. Voters decided whether to amend the Chino General Plan and the Chino Municipal Code. The Registrar of Voters of the County of San Bernardino conducted the special election and canvassed the returns for Measure H.
“It has been defeated,”  Cyn Geithman Sielen, a volunteer on the No On H Committee, Protect Chino. “It was a team effort and we all worked hard to preserve our community.”
The Ballot Question was: Shall Ordinance No. 2017-004, entitled “Shall Ordinance No. 2017-004, entitled “An Ordinance of the People of the City of Chino, California, to Enact Section No. 20.15.160 of the Chino Municipal Code Converting 29.7 Acres From the General Plan Designation of RD 1 to RD 4.5, RD 8, and RD 12 Generally Located Between Vernon Avenue and Benson Avenue, South of Adams Street, and North of the Chino Promenade Shopping Center and rezoning the same from an RD 1 designation to RD 4.5, RD 8, RD 12 designations” be adopted?”
So what does that mean in layman’s terms? A large housing development would’ve been built if passed July 11. Developer D.R. Horton planned to build 180 homes in north Chino if the special election ballot had passed.
There was both an opposition and a proposition to this ballot in and around the surrounding neighborhoods. If approved, the measure stipulated that 20 acres of rural land south of Francis Avenue would’ve been rezoned. In place of rural space would’ve been 12 single-family homes, 87 detached single-family homes, and 73 condos.
The two groups, those opposing Measure H which had organized a committee “PROTECT CHINO” and the supporting Measure H called “Support Chino Jobs and Schools, Yes, on Measure H,” had been dueling for the ballot measure.
Currently, 30 acres of parceled land north of Cinemark Movies in Chino is zoned for one house per acre, possessing the grazing land and 8 single-family houses. In a Chino City Council meeting in April, the council voted 4-1 to place Measure H on the ballot for citywide election.
“Thank you for all your hard work!!” said Kristi Schwartz, an avid supporter of the NO movement said on social media this morning.
“Thank you, Laura, for being involved in this amazing effort,” said Chino Mayor Eunice Ulla in the same thread.
The property owners of the rural land are long-time Chino residents, and state that this development would’ve been a benefit for the city. Matt Evans and father-in-law Ron Brewer, stated that more than 600 Chino residents have expressed support for the project. Unfortunately, it was only 25% of the vote and just wasn’t enough.
“This just goes to show your vote DOES count,” added Daniel and Brenda Strong.

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