What’s a Narcissist? 

Narcissus was a Greek hunter who was known for his beauty and his disdain for those who love him. He was so self-involved that the Greek goddess Nemesis, a deity responsible for vengeance against those succumbed to arrogance, caused him to fall in love with a reflection of himself. He stared at his own reflection until he died.
A Narcissist is described as a selfish, self-absorbed and arrogant individual who craves admiration and attention. They use their physical beauty and natural charm to manipulate others into fulfilling their desires. These desires are usually superficial and short term. A Narcissist cannot hold a relationship for very long, perhaps a few months, before they are bored and will seek attention elsewhere.

A Narcissist knows he or she is a jerk and just doesn’t care as long as they are admired. They don’t care about you and don’t really like you, after all, there is only room for one person in their heart, and that spot is already taken by their own outrageous self-love. 

Source: http://www.powerofpositivity.com