What You DON’T See Is What You Get


Grace Buencamino from George Brown Insurance can be reached at 909-973-823

By Michael Armijo


Inland Empire – When Daniel started his carpet cleaning business six years ago, he had to get insurance. So he did, and he faithfully paid his premiums every month. Unfortunately, Daniel’s business was burglarized, but he had no need to worry; he was fully covered and he had never missed a payment in nearly six years.  Then Daniel found out some very disturbing news.

Daniel’s insurance company gladly filed his claim. The reports were all in order and the estimate of $16,839 was right in line with specifications. But Daniel only received a check for $3,000.  He had no idea his policy coverage for theft or fire had a limit of $3,500, with a $500 deductible.

“It’s common for a business, especially a small business, to be under-insured,” said Grace Buencamino, a longtime broker at George L. Brown Insurance. “You need a proactive agent who will periodically go over your coverage with you to ensure your business is adequately covered.”

Buencamino also points out that it’s not always the client’s fault for not knowing their policy limits.

“Sometimes a business will outgrow their coverage,” she says.  “I’ve seen businesses who thought they had adequate coverage. The business owner didn’t realize that after five years, the company had acquired more equipment, increasing their Business Property from $3,000 to $20,000. To avoid my clients being under-insured, I do an annual review of their policy. Changes in Business Property can be discovered during this review and the policy limits can be changed at very little cost.”

Buencamino also said that by working closely with the business owner, she can get a better understanding of their needs and work with them to limit their exposures. She encourages clients to contact her if they make any changes to their business that may affect their current coverage.

One advantage of consulting with a broker, they can find the best priced insurance to meet your needs, whether they are “rate driven” or “coverage driven”. A broker can shop multiple carriers and bring you the options you deserve.

If you have questions about your Business Insurance Policy, Grace Buencamino with George L. Brown Insurance Agency can be reached at (909) 973-8233 or GBuencamino@georgebrowninsurance.com.

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