Resident Searching For Info On DUI Driver

Two days ago, Friday August 11th, my 17 year old son was hit by a drunk driver (confirmed DUI) at 7:00 a.m at the intersection of Riverside and Grove in Ontario while on his way to football practice. The drunk driver ran a red light, hit my son first then hit 2 more cars. I’m reaching out to find out if anyone has any information on the other victims of this crash? I want to know how they are doing. I’m also trying to get the license plate information of the drunk driver. He was in grave condition at the scene and was obviously unable to give any insurance info. We want to get the ball rolling since my son’s car was totalled and would prefer to go through his insurance since my son had liability only (older car). Otherwise we need to wait a week for the police report to see if his information is in there. I’m not even sure if he has insurance. Just thought I would check here first to see if anyone was able to get the plate info on the crushed Honda civic or does anyone know the owner’s info. Also am worried about the other victims and want to know how they are doing? My son is ok, just a pretty bad concussion and very sore. Thanking God as it could have been so much worse. Please PM if you have any info to share. #dontdrinkanddrive

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