Rescuing a Lizard

By Mark Hopper

I recently heard in the news that a woman called “911” because she was being strangled and bitten by her Boa Constrictor.  Fortunately, she was rescued by local law enforcement and survived this frightening event.

My story is on a much smaller scale and not as dramatic.  Actually, I was not attacked by a lizard.  I rescued a lizard!

When I went out to wash my car, I opened the front wrought iron gate to get the garden hose.  As I opened the gate, I noticed something unusual.  Something was caught on the bottom of the gate.  I thought is was a leaf or piece of paper.  But, when I looked closer, I realized it was a lizard.

I had attached some wire screen to the lower part of the front gate to keep rabbits from getting into my back yard.    The screen is made of wire with small squares about a quarter inch wide.

Unfortunately, the lizard got trapped in this wire screen and was unable to get free.  At first, I thought the lizard was dead.  He appeared lifeless and was not moving.  But he reacted quickly when I touched him.  Thankfully, he was still alive.

How do you free a lizard who has squeezed himself into a fix like this?  I decided that surgery was required.  I went into the garage and found a small pair of wire cutters.  I went back to the gate and began to cut the wire screen around the lizard being careful to not injure my small friend.

I felt a little like one of those technicians you see in the movies who defuse bombs.  They have to carefully cut each wire without detonating the device.  I finally cut the section of wire away from the gate.  Now I just needed to cut the last few pieces that were still holding the lizard.  With the precision of a brain surgeon, I cut each piece as carefully as possible.  Finally, the lizard broke free! Success!

Of course, after freeing my little friend, you would expect that he would stay behind to thank me.  But, that was not the case.  He quickly dashed off into the nearby bushes glad to be freed from this life threatening predicament.

I am glad that my rescue attempt and surgical strategy was a success.  I enjoy having lizards around the yard and I’m glad I was able to rescue this one.

I wonder how often God has rescued us from some unanticipated situations?  I wonder how often He has protected us from serious injury or an unforeseen problem that we are unaware of?

I do know that the Bible promises us that when we call on Him for help, He hears our prayers.  Psalm 145:18-20 says, “The Lord is near to those who call on Him…He will hear their cry and rescue them”.

But, don’t wait until a crisis comes into your life.  Call on God every day.  Begin and end each day with prayer.  He is near and He will hear every prayer!

Pastor Mark Hopper

Efree church of Diamond Bar

3255 South Diamond Bar Blvd


Sunday Services: 9:00 &10:45 AM

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