Annexation Proposal for Area Homes Approved

Photo courtesy: Michael Armijo
The City of Chino is set to annex approximately 40 acres from the County of San Bernardino in order to make way for the development of 44 Single Family Homes on pipeline Avenue in Chino.

By Anthony Chan


After two failed public hearings and thorough review by Chino’s city council and planning commission, a proposal for the construction of 44 new single family homes has been approved. Project plans are expected to be submitted by the end of 2017, and construction could begin as soon as next year on Pipeline Avenue.

The proposed development calls for the City of Chino to annex, from the San Bernadino County, approximately 40 acre area bordered by Pipeline Ave., Norton Ave., Chino Ave., and Hacienda Ln. and proposes numerous zoning changes which would allow for higher density residential development- increasing the current zoning from 2 single family homes per acre to 4.5 single family homes per acre in the area north of Heritage Park and changing the zoning of the area east of Heritage Park from Neighborhood Commercial to Residential Development at 2 single family homes per acre.

The proposal was questioned with it’s alignment to Chino’s General Plan, because the proposed development area appears to be out of the designations in the Future Growth Vision. However, Chino does have an interest in development in what city planners call the “Sphere of Influence” or unincorporated areas adjacent to Chino City boundaries.

The Chino General Plan states, “The SOI represents the area that the City of Chino views as its ultimate boundary. Therefore, the City has an interest in development within the SOI, even though current land use authority continues to be under the purview of San Bernardino County.”

The construction of new homes will bring increased tax revenue from property taxes, increased business to Chino businesses, and families struggling to find affordable housing in Southern California with median home prices in neighboring Los Angeles County rising to $530,000 in December of 2016, according to real estate data firm CoreLogic.

However, the construction of 44 new single family homes is not without its costs as well. More homes mean an increased number of cars on the road and more traffic, and higher infrastructure maintenance costs for the city. Also, the city bears new responsibilities in extending police and fire services and Chino’s sewer and water infrastructure to new and existing homes on the outskirts of Chino.

At two public hearings in March and April 2017 and a city council meeting, both Chino resdients and residents of the area being annexed have voiced their concerns, and now with annexation approval underway, the construction of 44 new homes is eminent.

Hopefully the new homes align with the vision in Chino’s General Plan to create “… places with healthy transportation options, a small-town feel, and provide for residents’ daily needs.”

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