“Beyond The Dental Chair” Dentist and Trainer Team Up For Ultimate Health

West Covina Smiles is located at 3660 S Nogales St. in West Covina. Feel free to contact Gisselle at 626-810-5000, log onto http://www.drmarin.com or http://www.johnnythetrainer.com.

By Anthony Chan


Dr. Oscar Marin, dentist at West Covina Smiles, works with dental patients every day and has seen a substantial increase in patients with poor dental health due to bad habits and stress. In an endorsement letter, Dr. Marin points out that stress is a major contributor to poor dental health because, “people under stress tend to produce less saliva and grind their teeth more, which causes premature breakdown of tooth structure and dental work.”

Dr. Marin intends to help patients de-stress, create good habits, and improve their overall health. So he has opted to provide assistance for his patients in a comprehensive, full-body way. His vision for comprehensive healthcare is to provide for not only his patients’ dental health, but for physical health, nutritional health, and mental health. Dr. Marin created a team with a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a therapist to make his vision for comprehensive healthcare become reality.

In terms of physicality, Dr. Marin has is working with Johnny Hudson, a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience, to bring his patients a free bootcamp training package, which will take place on the first Saturday of every month starting September 2, 2017.

The event will be held at Via Verde Park in San Dimas starting at 10 AM. The only requirement for participants is that you are an active patient of West Covina Smiles (a patient who has been seen in the last year) or you are accompanied by an active patient.

“Great teeth is linked to great health,” Dr. Marin said, “and when you tackle both issues at once you enhance your healthy on many levels. We can choose to just treat people for their dental issues or we can try to contribute to a long and healthy life. We choose the latter.”

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Gisselle at (626) 810-5000, log onto www.drmarin.com, or www.johnnythetrainer.com.

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