Driveway Blockers Beware

By Staff Reports

In California, it is illegal to park a car in front of a driveway. According to California Vehicle Code § 22500, “A person shall not stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle… In front of a public or private driveway…” Anyone who decides to park in front of a driveway is subject to towing and citations.

This law may surprise a lot of people who believed that once they purchased a home they could do whatever they want with it. Contrary to popular belief, even in America we are not entitled to do whatever we want. You can park in front of your own driveway but just remember that the police can also write you a citation for doing it.  

 There are safety concerns for both the homeowner/renter as well and the local authorities. If a fire or other disaster were to happen near your home and you had to evacuate but a family member parked in front of your driveway you would lose all of the cars in that driveway. If there is a crime reported, it give the criminal another place to hide from the police when they come to investigate. It is also another obstacle the Fire department would have to negotiate during the chaos of putting out the fire.    

 The most effective solution would be to talk to your neighbors about the safety concerns for the community and the local authorities. If you have a neighborhood watch program in place, they could help you bring awareness to everybody that a citation can be issued for the offense.

  Although it might cause problems for the offending driver, residents are justified in reporting blocked driveways because it is simply against California Vehicle Code.

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