Little Friends

By Mark Hopper

I was driving in Yorba Linda recently and saw a sign in front of a church.  It was Rose Drive Friends Church.  I have heard many good things about the church.  The sign in front of the church read, “Now Enrolling: Rose Drive Friends School & Little Friends Preschool”.  The phrase “Little Friends” caught my attention.  I like the way they said that their Preschool was for “Little Friends”.  It brought a smile to my face.  Yes – preschool children are like “little friends”.

I know this month is the start of another school year.  For most children, it is a familiar routine.  They are moving up from one grade to another.  Some of the older ones will graduate at the end of this school year.  But, for some of the “little ones” this will be their first time in school.  They will be leaving the familiar routine of their home life and launching into a new world of teachers and students in a classroom setting. The children will probably adapt well to this new world.  But, sometimes the parents have a harder time enrolling their children in school for the first time.  I remember a kindergarten teacher saying that the parents were more of a problem than the children.   The teacher drew a line on the side walk at the entrance of her classroom and instructed the parents to wait behind the line.  It was difficult for the parents to comply.

There is a passage in the Bible that reveals how much Jesus loved “little ones”.  In Matthew chapter 19, Jesus’ disciples tried to prevent the little children from bothering Jesus.  But, Jesus opened his arms and embraced them.  Verse 14 says, “Let the little ones come to me. Do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”. In an earlier chapter Jesus said, “Unless you change and become like little children, you can not enter the Kingdon of Heaven”. He went on to say that we need to humble ourselves like a child in our relationship with God. (Matthew 18:3-4).

We can learn a lot about our relationship with God from these “Little Ones”.  Faith is not complicated.  It is simple.  Trusting, believing and coming to God with child like faith.  God is not looking for academic credentials and deep theological concepts.  He is inviting us to come to Him with child like faith.  Trust Him and come to Him just as a child does his or her earthly mother and father. You may have a child or grandchild who is starting school this year.  I hope that they will enjoy this new step in their life.  I hope you remember to say a prayer for your “little ones” and for their teachers.  They will be glad you did and you will too.

Pastor Mark Hopper

Efree Church of Diamond Bar

3255 South Diamond Bar Blvd


Sunday Services: 9:00 & 10:45 AM

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