Easing The Pain Cancer Brings

To find out how you can help, contact Sheila at Crystal Roses: 951-205-8671 or email crystalroseshelps@gmail.com

By Anthony Saude

When Joan was diagnosed with cancer they thought they caught it pretty early. But six weeks into the diagnosis, she was notified that chemo and radiation treatments were challenges she had to endure. Deep inside he knew that worry and stress would not help the situation, but the worry about her teenage daughter had her wondering what will happen next. So as she sits there, alone, afraid, and cold, she knows she’ll be waiitng for hours. She begins to cry. Joan doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t have any family and her friends have their own lives and can’t be around all the time. It all seemed so hopeless and she felt so alone. Then she met Sheila Romanski. A survivor who has dedicated her life to people like Joan.

Sheila and her team at Crystal Roses Inc, brought Joan a Comfort Tote filled with things they know she will need for this journey that she couldn’t know she needed. Most importantly they brought love, prayer, comfort and friendship along with the goodies in the bag. You see Joan will need the blanket, beanie, lip balm, journal & pen, for sure she will use the tissue, essential oils and the cup but there isn’t any substitute for the support and love that the team from CR brings. The team is able to use their own personal experiences and faith to connect with these women on a physical and spiritual level that just can’t be attained in a medical setting.

Sheila Romanski is self admitted walking and talking miracle a four time cancer survivor, she is the founder of Crystal Roses Inc., a non profit 501 3 c corporation Corona California. Sheila’s life and Joan’s life weren’t so different on the outside. The fact remained on the inside Sheila had an incredible amount of support there for her when the times got really tough.  She had her family, friends and her church all helping and coming along side her so she never felt alone no matter how hopeless she felt. Joan just didn’t have that type of support system available to her. That is when Sheila saw an important need she knew how to fill for these women.

The team at Crystal Roses Inc is dedicated to making a difference and inspiring women and children by giving them hope, encouragement, love, prayer and support. The services and the team have expanded since Crystal Roses was founded in 2011. A new addition to the team is CRyouth to expand their outreach to include children dealing with cancer or other similar illnesses. Some of the services they now offer are breast tattooing and organic skincare, wig fitting help, meal planning and aroma therapy. Sheila said that the big vision is to have a home/office the ladies can come to for these services and not be in the sterile cold medical environment.

To learn more about how to request a Comfort Tote for yourself or a loved one, please contact Sheila at 951-205-8671 or email us at: crystalroseshelps@gmail.com If youd like to contribute funds toward providing Comfort Totes for others, you can donate here as well. All donations are tax deductible.

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