Why Live In Diamond Bar?

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Diamond Bar – The first fact about Diamond Bar is that it is definitely considered one of the gems of the Inland Empire. With extremely high ratings in many categories, including #70 as the BEST PUBLIC SCHOOL SUBURBS IN CALIFORNIA, and Diamond Bar High School is ranked #42 BEST HIGH SCHOOLS IN CALIFORNIA the city also holds one highest income per household in the entire Inland Empire. The crime rate is extremely low for a Los Angeles suburb. These facts can be found at Money Magazines Best Places to Live and online at Census.gov.

A few facts about Diamond Bar: the city is a quiet suburb nestled between Walnut, Chino, and Chino Hills. Diamond Bar residents are affluent young families and commuters. With a population of 56,793 according to Census Bureau 2016 estimates, Diamond Bar is a moderately sized suburb- just 5,000 less than Eastvale’s population estimates.

From 2010 to 2016, Diamond Bar’s population grew 9.7%- not far behind Eastvale the newest and fastest growing city in the region. For comparison, Eastvale’s population grew 13.9% and Corona’s grew 9.4% in the same period. This could be attributed to the city’s desirable location, great schools, and quiet yet active lifestyle that is great for raising children.

Diamond Bar residents are young but not too young with 21.4% under 18 years old and 4.3% under 5 years old. Chino Hills, another relatively young city, has 27.1% under 18 years old and 5.8% under 5 years old.

Diamond Bar is also increasingly diverse with 33.2% white, 20.1% Hispanic or Latino, 4.1% black, 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native, 52.5% Asian, .2% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, 3.9% two or more races.

42.4% of Diamond Bar residents are also foreign born compared with 30% in Eastvale, 28.7% in Chino Hills, and just 14.3% in Norco. The most enticing statistic about Diamond Bar is the median value of owner-occupied housing units it is $562,100 – more than the $425,500 in Eastvale and the $507,500 in Chino Hills. The median income per household is $89,221 – more than the $72,872 in Chino $77,021 in Corona, and $88,051 in Norco.

What’s more is that Diamond Bar has one of the lowest poverty levels in the region with only 7% in poverty compared to 7% in Norco, 11.6% in Chino, and 11.7% in Corona.

Diamond Bar is a growing town with a younger, affluent, and diverse population. Some of the demographic statistics are very surprising, and Diamond Bar continues to strive towards being a great place to live and raise families.

So if you live in this city, be proud of it’s youth, dynamics, beauty, and structure. The family oriented community is still growing and should maintain a solid impact in the Inland Empire, Southern California, AND in the United States.

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