Storm Drain Mistake Costs Chino $123,338

By Anthony Saude

Chino – The storm drain project Located along Chino Avenue, between Benson and Oaks Avenue that had been at a standstill will now move forward. Local reports say there was a mistake made in the original draft of the project that will cost the city of Chino approximately $124,338. It was reported that City Engineer Jesus Plasencia stated that during construction the crew realized that the design engineer’s final draft did have the correct location the new storm drain would tie into the existing storm drain on Chino Avenue.

The firm responsible for the project, Young & Associates based in Pasadena, decided that they would do the redraft the project free of charge. The city will still pay for the new labor and materials as well as the changes in the new draft and any additional labor and materials that simply weren’t considered in the original plan.

The total cost of the project the city council approved On October 18, 2016 will now be $1,327,238. There was a new contingency increase agreed on by the council in the amount of $222,798. The good news for the city is $40,000 of work that was planned originally won’t be needed any longer because of the re-design. The staff report stated that the connection point has to be moved from the north side to south side of Chino Avenue. That will require the use of a 4’ by 5’ reinforced concrete box instead of the 60 inch reinforced concrete pipe that was in the original plans. This portion of redesign will require workers to place the concrete box under a large sewer pipe but this part will be placed on hold while the construction crews continue with the project.

The council’s approval will allow work on the project to continue on schedule while city staff and the design engineer work out a settlement for the cost of the design error.

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