Curves: We Put Women’s Health First

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By: Anthony Saude

Walnut– The vision was simple: a sign over a door in an office building. That was it, no hoopla, balloons or an energy drink peddling muscle bound man in your face telling you about the magic weight loss drink that doesn’t exist.

Inside it’s serene no grunting, groaning or chest bumping by more muscle bound guys. Only a community of women who aren’t grunting, groaning and thankfully avoids the usual pickup line many women encounter. What a difference a place like this could make to those women who may have never worked out or have struggled with their weight, and in turn, have affected their self esteem. Comfy for those who prefer exercising with only women.

In an industry that has been historically dominated by muscle bound men, Curves started a revolution in women’s fitness, and this year will mark their 25th anniversary. They do this with a unique approach to weight loss and fitness that empowers women to reach their goals and live the lives they were meant to live.

Curves has a philosophy that supports this: “We are driven by a common passion, a commitment to empower women to improve their lives. Every woman has different goals and physiological differences so why do so many “experts” insist fitness is the same for everybody. Your coach can work with you to make sure that your workout will be the most beneficial for you the entire time you are there. The Curves workout is a 30 minute workout that combines strength training and cardio activity plus stretching this will strengthen your whole body. Several different memberships are offered to help maximize your efforts.”

There are two avenues to utilize at Curves, which keeps the membership and the availability affordable (please call for pricing):

Curves Fitness Membership:

This fitness only membership is offered to prospects that are looking to get fit or lose weight. You the Curves Circuit, complete with in circuit coaching. In just 30 minutes you will work every major muscle group and burn up to 500 calories using strength training, cardio and stretching exercises.

Curves Complete Membership:

This membership is the whole solution it combines fitness with a customizable meal plan and one-on-one coaching to maximize the fat burning during your workout. Fitness is done in the gym but we don’t want to send you home without the proper tools. The plan offers flexibility and personalization teaching member how to eat healthy whether you are dining out or eating at home.

CurvesSmart is the famous Curves 30 minute workout that features the CurvesSmart technology to add intelligence and interactivity to their circuit. Members are able to access their fitness data and receive feedback during their workout this makes sure the users keep their exertion level at a point to ensure they will get a safe maximized workout based on their unique body signature. It will automatically adjust the workout intensity and identify areas where members may want to focus to achieve their personal weight loss goals. Specialty classes are also provided that incorporate the strength training of the Curves Circuit with a variety of classes to improve balance, stability and strength.

You can also become an Owner of your own Curves you have a chance to pay it forward. It is big business that has a huge opportunity for you to make the world a better place one woman’s life at a time.

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