Eastvale News Exclusive:Eastvale resident Brittany Calderon shares her horrifying experience with our community:

Brittany Calderon:  I was there listening to Jason Aldean. About 4 songs in, we heard noise that sounded like fireworks. We thought nothing of it, so the show went on and everyone stayed calm. A few seconds later, we heard the noise again and this time we knew they were gunshots. We ran as fast as we could to the nearest exit. There was a mob of hundreds of people running for their lives while the gunshots were going nonstop. My friend and I found a “safe spot” across the street behind a big rig and as we as well as maybe 15 others thought we were safe, we heard more gunshots and they sounded really close to us so we ran and ran and ran. I don’t recall everything, but I jumped a fence, hid in an apartment complex, in a construction that was pitch black, a mob of us broke through a glass door, then ran to the Hooters Hotel. We all hid in their restaurant where I came across a young woman who had been shot on her arm and leg. (She was literally right next to me.) During this whole incident I had been so calm, up until I got into Hooters. I absolutely lost it. That was when I decided to call my mom to tell her what was happening. Somehow, someway we got out of the hotel and had a random man give us and two others a ride away from the strip. Now here I am back in Eastvale. I just got home about 3 hours ago. No injuries at all, just very mentally traumatized at the moment. This event was absolutely devastating. I did not think I was going to make it home but here I am. 💪🏽