A People, Not a Steeple

By Mark Hopper


I have shared in my last few articles that our church’s 50th birthday party is coming up on Saturday, October 21st.  I was asked to look through some old photos and put together a short visual history of our church.

I enjoyed my assignment and spent several hours looking through many photos that went back to early days of Diamond Bar.

There were pictures of the original Diamond Bar Ranch property.  In the 1970’s our church held Sunday Services in one of the buildings there.

I also found pictures of the construction of each of the church building on the site from the 1980’s and 1990’s.  There were also photos of the parking lot expansion and the new children’s play yard.  There was a lot of building activity during those years.

As I looked through hundreds of photographs, I was reminded that many faithful people have been part of our church over the past 50 years.  There were some pictures of people that I did not recognize.  And, there were dozens and dozens of photos of people that I did know personally.

These pictures brought back many special memories.  Pictures of church dinner-dances and baby dedications.  Pictures of summer Vacation Bible School programs and baptisms at the beach in Corona Del Mar.  Pictures of Couple’s Retreats and Christmas programs and Easter services.

One of the things I noticed was how young we all looked 20, 30, 40 years ago.  It was also fun to see the different hair styles and the different clothes that people wore.  The cars in the parking lot looked different, too.

I was reminded that a church is a group of people not a building or a steeple.  Certainly, I am thankful for our facilities.  But, the real core of our church is the people.  Faithful people who have attended regularly, served faithfully and given generously.  People of all ages and stages of life – children, students, single adults, married couples, widows and widowers.  The people who share a common goal to know Jesus and make Him known.

I suppose that we all need to be reminded from time to time, that it is the people in our lives that are really important.  It is not the size of our homes or the success of our careers or the level of our education.  We should value the people in our lives not the volume of our possessions.

Let me encourage you to express your love and appreciation to the people in your life.  Maybe it is time to write a note to an old friend and tell them how much they have meant in your life.  You will be glad you did and they will too!

Let me again extend an invitation to you to come and celebrate our church’s birthday on Saturday, October 21st.  There will be free food and activities starting at 1:00 PM with the main event from 4:30 – 6:00 PM.  Check out our web site for more details. I hope we will see you there!


Pastor Mark Hopper

Efree Church of Diamond Bar

3255 South Diamond Bar Blvd


Sunday services: 9:00 & 10:45 AM


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