There Is No Win In Quit

By Sean Ortiz

Have you ever started something and quit?  Maybe it was difficult or you believed you could not do it.  Why do we need to learn to not Quit… In our marriages, with our children, in our relationship with Christ.Because there is no Win in Quit.  We won’t grow.  We won’t see the victory.  We will miss seeing God do a miracle.  We will miss out on a blessing.  So here are 2 things that need to happen if we don’t quit. Character is built. Mathew 5:33-77 Jesus describes that our yes be yes and our no be no.  If we say we are going to do something, then do it and don’t wiggle out of it.  Jesus knew that the culture of the day was to say yes, I will do that on my children or on my mother.  It was like crossing your fingers behind you back.  In other word if you commit then finish the commitment. So, let you Yes be Yes.  In the difficult times, it builds character as you complete your commitment. Consistency is shown. Our Past is a Predictor of our Present Jeremiah 12:5 talks about if you can’t fight the men on foot how can you handle the fight when the men come on horses.  In other words, if you can handle the first circumstance you can handle the next challenge.  So not quitting builds and shows consistency. If we decide not to Quit we build Character and Consistency and then we will see the Win.  So do not give up in the hard times and LET GO AND LET GOD…….be encouraged.

Pastor Sean Ortiz

New Beginnings Community Church Jurupa Valley

9010 Limonite Ave Jurupa Valley, CA 92509