Chino Resident Wins Bravery Award

Photo courtesy: T. Evanson

By Anthony Saude

Chino– California Partnership to end domestic violence is a coalition that represents survivors, organizations, advocates and allied individuals working to support survivors of domestic violence has an annual awards reception in Fresno California.

This year they honored Tracy Evanson, a Chino resident and the founder of Healed Women Heal, with the Bravery Award at the reception.

The soft and bright sunlight was beaming through the kitchen window, the aroma of fresh coffee filling the room reminded Tracy that “he” would be up soon. Suddenly the relaxing sounds of morning were interrupted by anxiety. She looked around the room sure she had left some bread crumbs or coffee grounds on the counter. Her mind racing asking herself were the drawers shut all the way, was the floor clean enough, did I make too much noise with the coffee? She was on high alert because even though she couldn’t see anything she had done wrong, she knew all too well that didn’t mean he wouldn’t.

Tracy lived through nine years of physical, mental and emotional abuse from the one person that promised to love her forever. During her nightmare she had left more than a few times and not just for a day or two either. She had rented apartments on 2 separate occasions and was gone for over a year and a half one of those times. There was intensive counseling, training and countless tears and a belief that true change had taken place in her husband only to be disappointed again. “The last time I left I never looked back again” said Tracy. “I have two daughters and I wanted them to grow up knowing what a healthy relationship should look like.

Talking with Tracy Evanson today there isn’t any outside evidence that she lived in fear of upsetting the man she called “husband” for nine years. She has two college degrees, one a Masters in Human Behavior and speaks with the confidence one would expect from a professional woman with 2 college degrees. The outside had to be rebuilt from the inside, what you see today has been rebuilt and reinforced into the strong, confidant, independent ministry leader you see before you.

In 2013 after Tracy decided to get out of her marriage and stay out this time she started the non-profit organization, Healed Women Heal. Her hope is to “creat a solid group in the community to come together to be a voiced for the silent crime of domestic violence and teen dating violence and bring awareness to the community”. “It is all about awareness, Tracy said, too many people don’t understand that there are different types of domestic abuse”. “Most people only associate violence with domestic abuse but physical isn’t the only type and quite often the violence come after the emotional, and verbal abuse wears you down”.

In the beginning I only wanted to help the victims of domestic violence, I had no interest in fixing the perpetrators. Then she was asked to speak at a mens prison, she declined. God wouldn’t let her off of the hook about this for some reason and finally she accepted the invitation. That showed me a whole new side of the problem Tracy said. A lot of these men were abused themselves and didn’t even recognize their actions as abuse”. It helped me see that it is much harder to work with a broken person than it is to educate to prevent the abuse from happening. Like she said awareness through education is the key.

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