My love, My hero

By Haily Holiday

A hero to me is a someone who is endowed with great strength. Someone who is admired for their courage and their ability to act quickly. To me it is someone that gives a sense of security in a tragic situation.
Thank you to all my heroes.
To the heroic man (my guy) who bravely covered my body with his as the bullets hit all around us. Thank you. To the woman who assured me that we were going to make it out alive. Thank you. To the woman who held my hand (Kim) as I screamed for Jesus to hold us all in his arms. Thank you. To the men who surrounded all of the woman with their bodies, shielding us from bullet after bullet. Thank you. To the man (my guy) that spoke gently to me..assuring me that we needed to get behind the metal structure and to run as fast as I could when there was a break in the spraying of bullets. Thank you. To the man (my guy) who helped corral all of us girls behind the air conditioner. Thank you. To the woman who unbuttoned my shorts and let me cry like a baby for peeing my pants in fear. Thank you. To the woman who let me leave the stall open to the bathroom because I didn’t want to be in there alone. Thank you. To the men who let me come inside the men’s restroom to wait for my guy because I didn’t want to be left behind. Thank you. To the young girl who picked me up off the ground as I collapsed in total disbelief of what was truly happening. Thank you. To the man who gave me water. Thank you. To the man (my guy) who stopped and helped a bleeding man and assured me that he was going to be okay. Thank you. To the woman who prayed with me for Gods grace while we plugged our ears at the sound of the screaming and bullets. Thank you. To my sister who has not stopped comforting me. Thank you. And for the outpouring love and support through texts and calls to check on us and offer help in any way. Thank you. I wish I can say thank you to each one of you that held me that night.
I am able to say thank you and hug my family and friends today. I am deeply humbled. But my heart feels so much guilt. While I continue to find strength to get through each day, many can’t get through even a minute. Why did I survive over the several others that did not? How can I smile today and give glory to God that I am here when others aren’t? My heart is broken and I do not know if I will ever be the same. This has taken the very best of me and taken my security away. My heart aches for all those who have lost their loved ones. Your pain is indescribable and I am so very sorry that you are hurting. I will continue to pray for each of you to find peace. We may never know the answer why but one thing I do know is that LOVE conquers all.

My love..thank you for being my hero.

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