Walnut Helps Homeowners

By Anthony Saude

Walnut – The City of Walnut is offering grants and loans to the owners of single family detached dwellings to eligible low to moderate-income occupants living in Walnut. The Housing Rehabilitation Program will be able to assist these homeowners with funding for home improvements that focus on safe and sanitary housing. The funds are made available to correct dangerous structural conditions, eliminate blight, correct code violations and even provide handicapped access. The program will provide grants of up to $7500 and deferred loans at zero percent interest up to $30,000 to eligible homeowners. The grants are designed to help the homeowner with Code issues that need to be fixed in addition to any of the other improvements the homeowner requested and do not need to be repaid. The loans are no interest loans and repayment is deferred until the property changes title or is refinanced. The program is offered on a first come first serve basis to eligible homeowners. The limited funding is provided by the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program is offered to applicants whose annual income doesn’t exceed the Housing and Community Development and HUD established limits. If you think you might qualify CALL and find out for sure, what is the worst that can happen all they can say is no.

Proof of income, a copy of a recent tax bill, proof of property insurance and ID will be required. For more information click on the links below or contact the Community Development Department at 909-595-7543.

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