Deputies arrest two women for Fraud: Taking Donations For Baby Burial 

Deputies arrest two women for Conspiracy to Commit FraudDATE/TIME: October 22, 2017 

INCIDENT: PC 182 – Conspiracy to Commit Fraud 

LOCATION: San Bernardino (Tippecanoe/Coulston) 

SUSPECT(S): Chasity Doll, 26 years old, Loma Linda transient 

Michele Love, 41 years old, Yucca Valley


On Sunday, October 22, 2017 Chasity Doll was panhandling at the corner of Tippecanoe /Coulston in San Benrardino. Doll was arrested for the panhandling and booked. An hour later, Michele Love was found panhandling at the same location. During the booking of Love, evidence was found linking the two suspects together. An investigation was conducted and it was determined both Doll and Love worked together to produce signs to get donations from the passing public by creating a poster requesting donations for their baby’s burial. The baby shown does not belong to either of the suspects. This was done under false pretense and there were no burial funds needed. 

If anyone has been a victim of this rouse or has any additional information regarding this case, please contact the Central Station at (909)387-3545. 

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