Corona Fire Drop Update

This afternoon, Monday, Air-1 responded to the City of Corona for a report of smoke being seen in the area of the recent Canyon Fire. We located the source of the smoke in a steep canyon area, near the area of Bulrush Cir. and Goldenbush Dr. Shortly after our arrival, Orange County Fire Authority’s “Fire-1” helicopter arrived and we were able to direct them onto the fire.
Due to the strong winds blowing the smoke up the canyon and the fire being obscured by thick vegetation, it was difficult for the pilot of Fire-1 to pinpoint the best location for the water drops. We utilized our Forward Looking Infrared system to locate the fire and then relayed that information to the pilot of Fire-1, so he could make accurate drops. We remained overhead for approximately an hour and a half, working seamlessly with Fire-1, to provide pinpoint water drops, preventing the fire from spreading.

This is a great example of inter-agency cooperation, to utilize our technology and resources, to protect our communities.

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