Motion Detector Cameras Deter Crime

On this Thursday, June 25, 2015 photo, a computer terminal displays a single vehicle’s license plate number, captured in multiple locations by Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) cameras at the city’s Emergency Operations Center in Long Beach, Calif. Police nationwide are buying access into expansive databases run by private companies whose repo men and tow-truckers photograph license plates on vehicles every day, raising concerns among civil libertarians and some lawmakers about the lack of protections against abuse. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

By Marissa Mitchell

Walnut, CA – A week  ago the City of Walnut announced that they would begin their “License Plate Camera Pilot Program.” The city will begin installing motion detector cameras to ward off crime in the community by catching criminal activity with exactitude. Via coordination with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Walnut city staff has identified locations for the cameras. In some of those locations, a separate pole will be placed to support camera installation. Residents voiced their concerns to the City of Walnut about the rise in criminal activity, and the city responded. Thus far, the city has promised to install ten (10) motional detection cameras that will take photographs of vehicle license plates, so as to more easily catch criminals right after or during the act of crime. These cameras will only take the pictures of license plate numbers, not persons. The date will be released to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department or the appropriate law enforcement agency investigating a committed crime. All cameras and their data will be monitored and maintained by the City of Walnut. The cameras store their data directly onto memory cards rather than a database; unlick the “typical” Automated License Plate recognition. This form of memory storage allows for increased area and time specificity. This memory-card data will be stored sixty (60) days, after which they will be recycled and recorded over, unless requested. The City of Walnut hope to enhance the safety of its residents as well as build civic pride by installing these more advanced cameras for criminal monitoring. It is hope that the motion detector cameras will help aid in crime decrease throughout the city.

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