Rowland Heights resident carjacked at gunpoint/Suspect in custody

Rowland Heights resident carjacked at gunpoint/Suspect in custody.
On Friday 10-21-17 at 10:15pm, a 27 year old Rowland Heights resident, while sitting in his vehicle, was carjacked at gunpoint in the area of Colima Rd/Greencastle Av. 

The suspect, Jose Barrios M/28 of San Diego, entered the rear seat of the victim’s vehicle and ordered him to drive to a local bank ATM machine. After withdrawing the maximum daily amount, the suspect then ordered the victim to drive around until he could make another withdrawal. 

While driving around, the victim managed to text a family member who then notified Walnut/Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station. After locating the victim’s vehicle and a short pursuit, the suspect was arrested by deputies. He is currently being held on a $1.1 million dollar bail.