Westhoff Families Join Global Fair

By Kelli Gile

WALNUT-Westhoff Elementary families got a chance to sample foods from around the world during a Culture Fair held Friday, October 13. The school’s Community Club hosts the annual food fest with parents, students, and teachers coming together to celebrate the diversity of the many cultures represented at the school. A total of 16 different nations were represented at decorated booths with music, artifacts, and lots of delicious, authentic food. Westhoff students proudly dressed in clothing representing their heritage marched in a parade. Many also provided entertainment during the event with nearly 1,000 in attendance. “We are so thankful to all our parents and extended family members who work so hard putting this event together,” said Principal Denise Rendon.

“It’s one of my favorite nights of the school year!” Shown: Westhoff Elementary families sample foods from around the world during the Culture Fair. Board Members Cindy Ruiz, Layla Abou-Taleb and Helen Hall, shown with students, join Westhoff Elementary School’s annual Culture Fair on Oct. 13.



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