Suspicious Man Caught On Video

A suspicious man was caught on video in Eastvale this morning but didn’t do much just completely out of place, according to online reports. 

“Always report suspicious activity, especially st 5 am” Sheriff’s officials said. Better to be safe than sorry. 

“Not sure what he was looking for at 5:50 am,” a resident posted, who also posted the video (clip link below) He also was seen wearing gloves. 

“Video cut off before he drove by. Corner of Goose and Gamebird in Eastvale.” She added. 

The man just came up to the door and may have noticed the “Ring” doorbell camera. He was wearing what appeared to be latex gloves and then turned around and fled without any disturbance. A car was not captured on the video. 
Check out this video captured On the “Ring” device website: 

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